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Photographer & Business owner

Portrait, boudoir & event photographer


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Vancouver Island, Victoria BC



A Bit About Me

I have always been a lover of the arts ever since I was a child. My grandmother is an amazing painter and I have quite a few other artistic family members who have encouraged me to follow my passion in the arts. I started my photography journey back in grade school and my brand "KZ Photography" started forming in 2012.

I am dedicated to keeping my models and clients feeling safe and comfortable. I took up modelling on the side in my first couple years in the industry, to really understand what it feels like being on the other side of the lens. I understand how difficult it is to get comfortable, but I hope my tips and trips can help you out! 

I currently offer portrait, boudoir, couples, small families and elopement/event photography. I specialize in portraits and boudoir as those are my main passions. I absolutely love capturing people's personalities and true beauty through my lens and I like to keep my editing very natural and true to real life if possible. 

Digital art Background

I started out with an interest in Videography and script writing. I attended Gulf Island Film and Television school in my youth to learn everything about video. I spent many summers there and even ended up becoming a mentor for acting. Throughout the years I have also taken multiple art classes, stop motion animation classes as well as website and coding courses as well.

As I progressed more, I fell in love with photography and the art that could be created with still images. I would take photos of nature, landscapes and my friends to practice. Once I graduated, I decided to take the full plunge into my journey as a photographer. I quit my job and forced myself to become self-employed. Although it started out slow, my amazing clients, who still to this day are booking my services, kept me encouraged and my company has blossomed into what it is today!

Over the years I have been working with many local businesses to content for their websites and social media. I also spent 2 years as a club photographer at local night clubs as well as an event photographer for fitness establishments. Networking with people in the city has been such a wonderful experience! I love meeting new like-minded individuals and helping them in creating their unique brands!


  You can check out some of the businesses I've worked with below!

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