Test out your makeup & hair looks before coming!

Don't leave your makeup & hair last minute! Test out some different styles and look at it under different lighting!

If you're hiring a professional, give them as much information as you can about your session and what makeup looks you like normally.

Remove all accessories that are not wanted!

Remove watches, hair elastics, unwanted jewelry etc. These are things that are difficult to remove once the photo is already taken.

Your photographer will be looking out for hair elastics or any weird items seen, but sometimes we don't know if an accessory is intentional or not!


Plan your outfits!

Make sure to plan your outfits! You can check with your photographer or someone you trust to make sure your outfit goes with the setting, theme, location etc. 

Avoid large patterns, bright distracting colours & ill fitting clothing if at all possible as these do not translate well on camera! 

You can check out some suggestions on my Pinterest

Coordinate outfits

If there's multiple people joining your session, make sure everyone has coordinating colours! If you're worried about stains & wrinkles be sure to set the clothes aside at least a few days before the shoot!

Put all the outfits together to make sure they look cohesive. I have provided a colour guide to help you find matching & complimentary colours! 

Cut out your tags!

Just bought something new? Have an item that is see through or lacy?

Don't forget to cut those pesky tags out, nothing is worse than having a bright pink clothing tag ruining your perfect photo


Look up some poses & test them out in the mirror!

You are the judge of what looks best for your body! Look up some inspiration and come prepared with some poses you love!

I always recommend practicing in the mirror to discover what flatters your body the most. You can send your photographer some inspo shots so that they can see your vision!

Do one last check!

Make sure to do one last check before starting the photoshoot! You never know if your hair or makeup has shifted. 

Depending on if the space allows for it, you can ask your photographer if it's possible to have a mirror handy so you can see yourself while taking photos. 

Don't forget music!

If you love music and have something that will get you in the right mindset for the shoot, make sure to play it on your way to the session!


You can also ask your photographer to play your playlist during the session!